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I have noticed that for some of you that have a different type of computer, the screen cuts off. That's a problem, considering it's cut of two pages. Boo! While I doubt this is a problem I can fix, there are the links to the webpages. You can view the "Other" page here and the "Polls & Fun" page here. I am very deeply sorry about the great inconvienence this error may cause for some of you.

My apologies.



03/22/2009 07:46

*click on my name-go to my website*

Hey this website is kewl. (I am a vamp-lover myself) Although, I have a HA-UGE crush on Taylor Lautner... is it true that he won't be playing in New Moon due to the growing were-wolf huge thing?

Reply at my website under guestbook. Thanks!

Icy Blue Fire
03/22/2009 09:21

Hey thanks, Chan. I am the webmaster of this site :). Taylor Launter IS very hot. ;) I'm like 99.9.9 percent sure that he WILL be playing Jacob, because he's been seen on set and is getting all buff.

03/27/2009 16:23

lol YAY!!! I sent my friend here. She LOVES Twilight. She will be soo excited that he is too!

03/27/2009 18:33

I'm glad. :) Smiles, kindred spirits! (Did I spell that right?) Hehe

04/30/2009 16:44

So IcyBlueFire, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?


07/13/2012 17:11

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