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Here on TwinklyVamps the world Stephenie Meyer created and Summit Entertainment portrayed lives on. There's the latest news on the movie, other projects, and things of that nature. We've got hilarious Youtube videos and an awesome photo gallery.You can find fun facts, and much more. You might notice this is at tad similar to my previous webpage, Crazy4twilightat PB Wiki. Thats true, it is but it's got totally new additions. I'm sorta braching out from that. Enjoy, and..... 

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Other Vampy Related Shiz-

I was looking up books lately, (I already finished the Twilight Saga *tear*) and I found an interesting series. It's also about vamps, (No surprise, isn't everything nowadays?) an called "House of Night" series. It probably sure as heck won't be a 'Twilight', but I might just give it a try. Also you might wanna check out (or I might-I did) The "Blue Blood" series, naturally, it's also about vamps. And I just saw these ones; I didn't have enough time to look them up- "The Vampire Academy" series and "The Morganville Vampires". Another cool looking one, it was originally made up of three novels, but a fourth one was written later, continuing the series. it's called, "The Vampire Diaries".And a new series, entitled Vampire Diaries: The Return is currently being written. Oh, and yeah, there's another one(you guys are getting sick of it by now, huh?) called "Vampire Kisses" I looked it up; Pretty decent.Sigh, Stephenie not only created a reading vampire revolution, but also a writing vampire revolution. If your interested on further vampy novels, click on this link. If not wanting to go on this link, try going on to  (where I found all of the ones I listed here) and finding the books section, then going into teens, then going into General AAS, and you can probably find a few that I mentioned here there. Honestly, I just wanted to find some books; I didn't know there was such a vast world of unknown vampies!



TO ALL OF YOU- STOP THIS MADDNESS! The following is a message to you fans bent on the publication of Midnight Sun. Some of you just don't get it- SHE DOESN'T WANT TO WRITE IT NOW! If you don't want to write something and are forced to do so, it's not going to turn out well. IT WILL BE SUCKISH! And for those of you that are thinking you should send around petitions- STOP THAT TOO! Don't you see or haven't you heard? Stephenie wants to go like two years without hearing the words Midnight Sun so she knows that everyone forgot about it. TRANSLATION- IF YOU SEND HER A PETITION WITH 500 FREAKIN' NAMES, SHE'LL KNOW WE HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN! Which way would you rather win?- Option A- You pesty fans finally get Stephenie to write the book, BUT IT SUCKS BALLS! And then she drops it there. WHAT HAVE YOU WON?- A suckish book. Option B- You all give Stephenie space, and three-four years pass then all of a sudden Stephenie comes out with this awesome book, you all love it and Stephenie loves it so she goes on with New Moon. WHAT HAVE YOU WON?- A great book, and possibly more great books. Option C- You track down the douche that leaked the draft and beat him up. Stephenie wants to keep her fans from killing or injuring anyone else, so she writes the book and it turns out to be great. WHAT HAVE YOU WON?- A great book, and a felony. So if you see any petitions about that kind of thing, like people trying to get Midnight Sun back on it's feet, then email the person and tell them in a very detailed way to stop or send them what I've wrote here. WE CAN STOP THIS! But, listen, right now, forget everything I've said. Forget it. And do what your subconsious tells you to do. Just do it.

CHOOSE OPTION B! AKA- LEAVE HER ALONE! If it's what your subconsious says.

This website is not assoiciated or affilated with any other fansite, Stephenie Meyer, or Summitt Entertainment. We are just a fansite, and only a fansite.