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The Wolves

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Taylor Lautner playing Jacob Black

Tyson Houseman playing Quil Ateara

Chaske Spencer playing Sam Uley

Kiowa Gordon playing Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier playing Jared

Alex Meraz playing Paul

Tinsel Korey playing Emily

Dakota is IN!

Just to confirm, we've talked about it, and now it's finally reality. Hannah Dakota Fanning WILL be playing Jane in New Moon. :)


i-Tunes expected to release April 6th, 2009, the pre-order, at least

Um...This Dude! Congrats!

 The people casting the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, New Moon have confirmed that Bronson Pelletier has earned a "lead role" in the movie. He is going to be co-staring with Dakota Fanning, who will be playing Jane. With this informatio, I presume he'll be playing Alec. But you can't be sure; they didn't say who he would be playing. Grrr! Also, Summit has announced that casting is officially done, though they didn't inform us on parts. Double grrr! Okay, cut that out. He is playing Jared. Yay!

Twilight May Go.... Hairspray 2?

Adam Shankman is pondering over whether or not to cast 'Twilights' Rob Pattinson in the 2010 film, Hairspray 2: White Lipstick. If Rob is cast in the film, it will be the first musical he's ever done, thus making him viable for any type of any possible entertainment. Rob could possibly be even cast as the villan in this film; it is said that Michelle Pfeiffer (picture above, far left, far down-Velma Von Tussel) would not be returning.

High School Musical Sweetie or Arrogant Wolf?

According to Twilight star Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) "High School Musical Sweetheart" Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for Leah Clearwater, Jacob Black's frienemy. Reportedly, the role she auditioned for was not to be in the second movie but the third, as Leah doesn't appear much in the second book, New Moon. Ashley is very enthusiastic and excited to possibly have Hudgens as a co-star.

A Little Scare for Actor Rob Pattinson

We're all fans to actor Rob Pattinson, but, seriously, sometimes, people can get a tad scary. Some fans found out where he lives and are determined to get to know the star personally. They left little notes in his car and outside his apartment. The first day the note said; I'm not weird, but please call me. The following day the note said; Please don't ignore me. The third day, the note was freakier; I'm going to kill myself if you keep ignoring me!(But I'm not weird, ok?). I hope these obsessors tone it down: I don't think Rob wants to have to file a restraining order.

Celebs & Ciggies

And beers

Kristen Stewart has been caught smoking pot/weed. I know what everyone's thinking: impossible. Yeah. No. Well, probably no, though because it was caught on tape AND on camera photo. It is also said that actor Rob Pattinson also smokes, but not pot/weed. If its true, at least he's not THAT screwed. Kristen's current boyfriend, Michael Angarano has also been seen smoking, probably making him that "BAD INFLUENCE". All the more reason Kristen should drop him for good. {Why is everyone smoking nowadays?! WHY?!?} And also it has been said that Rob Pattinson is an alcoholic or "the crazy drunk".(And yes I know they got this like, what, 4 months ago? It's not really updated, but I feel if you didn't know, you might want to. Thanks)


Sorry, I can't expand the pictures. But in the first one, Kristen has a cigarette in her mouth while Michael has one in each hand. The second one, kind of obvious- Kristen has a pipe in her hand. The third one, Kristen has one in her hand(She looks so high! Just look at her- she SO DOES!) and Michael had one in his hand. The fourth one Kristen is smoking the pipe. In the fifth one, Kristen looks clean, but one hand's hidden, so we're not sure. But in the fifth one Michael's got one in his hand AND behind his ear.(As if one's not enough). The sixth one, Kristen's got only one in her hand. Sigh, and you know what's weird; the pot pictures were taken like, a few days before the premiere of Twilight, and I don't think she started smoking just then, and she just recently she turned 18. YOU NEED TO BE 18 TO BUY CIGARTETTES! Otherwise it's AGAINST THE LAW! WTF?! And sorry, I couldn't find any pics of Rob and a ciggy, or a beer..... but I saw videos-it's true! If I find any I'll post them here. Oh-something else that's weird- people go all out and go nuts when they find out Kristen smokes but no one went crazy when it was Rob. HE SMOKES TOO PEOPLE! And I know Rob and Kristen and Michael are all free to do what the want, but we as fans- it's just natural for us to want what's best for the stars(Believe it or not- Michael as well is a star- Sky High, Speak, Saturday Night Live SNL 1995, or maybe even Will & Grace?!) to keep them healthy- we don't want them to die, people! And as for the last three pics, I was all, "WTF?! WHY? WHY?!" Literally, are we stressing them ALL out too much? Is it our fault?! And to the next one, "Why are we still going down this road, Kristen?" Finally caught Rob in the act!

New Moon Movie

The sequel to smash hit Twilight, New Moon is scheduled to hit the big screen November 21st, 2009. There's been a lot of confusion one who will play the role of Jacob Black in the film. It has been confimed by a few of the Twilight actors that the previous actor, Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black. The movie is said to start shooting in Vancouver, Canada on March 23rd. If actor Rob Pattinson "R-Pattz Sparklepants" hasn't grown back his trademark hair, the infamous tousled bronze hair, then Summit Entertainment will just have to settle for a tousled, bronze weave. It shouldn't be that much of a problem, considering Lautner had to wear a wig for his role as Jacob Black in Twilight.

Eclipse Movie

The third installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, is set to show up on the big screen June 30th, 2010.  New Moon and Eclipse aren't set to be filmed back to back, and so that gives Summit Entertainment some time to get filming and hopefully not rush things. It is said that New Moon director Chris Weitz would not be directing the Eclipse movie. His schedule supposedly doesn't fit. Actors Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were infuriated at the loss of Twilight director Catherine Harwicke, and if they get comforable with Weitz as a director, then if he leaves that will only make matters worse.

Natalie Portman Has Gotten the Hottz!

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