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                       Full Saga Questions-Part One

Part one of this quiz will test your knowledge on the Twilight book, and the Twilight movie. Under the bright red line, there will be the answers. Have fun! PS-I never said they'de all be a walk in the park, but I've narrowed it down to three questions; those of you that aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed(You know who you are-don't deny it, embrace it!) will be somewhat okay,     enough.

-Webmaster & Editor

                                   Part One-Twilight

1 Fill in this line from the movie said by the biology teacher:"Eggshells ______, compost is_____!"

A-    Carrots - cool

B-     Carrot tops – awesome      

C-     Carrot tops – cool
2  In the book, Bella uses her "Seattle excuse" to get away from her admirers, but in the movie, she is going to-

A-    Phoenix

B-     Jacksonville

C-     Orlando

3 The one scene where Rosalie doesn't wear her Cullen Crest in the movie is-

A-    When she is marking trees for James to be thrown off Bella's trail.

B-     The Baseball scene.

C-     The Kitchen/Meet the Cullens' scene.

4 What does Edward say in the movie right before Bella drops her apple?

A-    Fruit salad?

B-     Hello.

C-     Edible art.

5- What isn't on the Cullen Crest?

A-    A lion

B-     A lamb

C-     Shamrocks

6-Who is the newest to the Cullens' "vegetarian" way of vampire life?

A-    Jasper

B-     Laurent

C-     Alice

7- What chapter is it in the book where Bella thinks to herself, 'Could the Cullens be vampires?'

A-    Chapter 6, Scary Stories

B-     Chapter 7, Nightmare

C-     Chapter 9, Theory

8- In the movie, what is Edward's excuse for his shifting of eye color?

A-    Contacts

B-     Florescence

C-     Eye condition

9- 'Edward in the sunlight was shocking.' This is the first sentence to what chapter?

A- 13, Confessions

B- 11, Complications

C-12, Balancing

10- Who goes with Bella to Arizona while they're running from James?

A- Alice & Emmett

B- Alice & Jasper

C- Rosalie & Emse

11- In the book when Bella's running from James, she escapes from her babysiters in the airport by taking the other exit in the-

A- Level 2 Ladies Room

B- Level 3 Mens Room

C- Level 3 Ladies Room.

12 Jessica says that Rosalie and Jasper are-

A- twins

B- siblings

C- dating

13- Rosalie has a ________ and Edward has a ________

A- Silver Volvo     Red BMW M3 Mercedes

B-  Black Mercedes     Silver Volvo

C-  Red BMW M3 Convertible      Silver Volvo

14- The site Bella goes on in Chapter 7  with vampire myths is called-

A- Vampires A-X

B- Vampires B-Z

C- Vampires A-Z

15- In the Chapter 5, Blood Type of the book, the music in Edward's car was-

A- Au Clair De La Lune, Debusy

B- Clair De La Lune, Debussy

C- Claire De Lune, Debussy


Highlight to see the answers-

1.C   2.B   3.B   4.C   5.B   6.A   7.B   8.B   9.A   10.B   11.C   12.A   13.C   14.C   15.C


Part Two, New Moon

On Part Two, New Moon, this quiz will test your skillz on sweet, Bella, humorous Jacob, quirky Alice, suicidal Edward, and more! It will give you trivia on the book mostly, but will ask you some questions on the little things we know about the soon-to-be movie. Like part one, some answers will be evident and simple, other you weren't even aware of. ENJOY!

"Love it;Cherish it;Vamp it!"

1 Bella thinks the worst thing about birthdays is-

A- Presents and attention

B- Getting older

C-  None of the above

2 What where Edward's last words to Bella before he leaves in Chaper 3, The End?

A- Take care of yourself

B- Goodbye, Bella

C- Goodbye, Bells

3 What was the word Dr. Gerandy was thinking of to decribe Bella's behaivor when she wouldn't eat or drink?

A- Crazed

B- Insane

C- Catatonic

4 When Bella called the police station to ask for the directions to the Blacks' place who answered?

A- Deputy Steve

B- Chief Steve

C- Deputy Stevie

5 Which motorcycle did Jacob get?

A- the  Red Honda

B- the  Black Harley Sprint

C- the Silver Ducati

6 Where is the New Moon movie NOT being shot?

A- Montepulciano, Italy (UPDATED)

B- Vancouver, Canada

C- Forks, Washington

7 When will they start shooting the New Moon movie?

A- May

B- March

C- June

8 When will they start shooting the New Moon movie in Italy?

A- March

B- July

C- May

9 In Chapter 10, The Meadow, which wolf turns his head to Bella's direction when she gasps?

A- the dark black one

B- the reddish brown one

C- the deep gray one

10 I wasn't sure what the hell I was doing here.- This is the first sentence to what chapter?

A- Chapter 7, Repetition

B- Chapter 8, Adrenaline

C- Chapter 6, Friends

11 According to Bella, the right way to avoid a riptide is to-

A- struggle for the shore

B- swim parallel to the surface

C- swim parallel to the beach

12- Alice came back to Forks because-

A- she thought she should tell Bella that Edward really did love her.

B- she thought Bella had commited suicide

C- she thought she'd pay her a visit

13- When Alice told Bella Edward was planning to commit suicide and she and Bella left to Italy to save him where did their plane land and where were they going?

A- Their plane landed in Milan and they were going to Florence.

B- Their plane landed in Venice and they where going to Volterra

C- Their plane landed in Florence and they where going to Volterra

14- What did Edward say when Bella bounded right into him in the plaza in Italy?

A- "Carlisle was right."

B- "Amazing, Carlisle was right."

C- "I can't believe how quick that was. I didn't feel a thing - they're very good."

15- What where Edward's words right after Bella told him she loved him and there was nothing he could do about it?

A- "That's all I needed to hear."

B- "As do I, love."

C- He doesn't say anything.



Highlight to see answers-

1.B  2.A  3.C  4.A  5.B  6.C  7.B  8.A  9.B  10.A  11.C  12.B  13.C  14.B  15.A 

In Constuction- Part Three, Eclipse(CONSTUCTION PAUSED!)

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